The Future of Decentralized Competition

A NextGen community driven ecosystem where users will get the opportunity to create and partake in different types of challenges, sport contests, stunts, competitions in online games, viral videos as well as group competitions and content monetization. Challenging stunts and creative videos will be minted as NFTs to create value for content creators



Global Funtech markets with an estimation of 4,343,000,000 content creators and users worldwide

Experience fun and competitions like never before

Our focus is to provide innovative features that will make creating and sharing your challenges and content feel effortless as well as bring value to your creativity.

Where Fun and Blockchain meet

You will not be left in the dark as our in-app messenger will keep you interacting with other users and creators within the ecosystem.

Having fun is a great tool to drive growth and that is what we want to offer


Be able to integrate with all your favorite gaming systems through APIs including automatic integrations.

A Funtech Markets where fun and competitions meet blockchain technology

Show your talent, complete tasks, Earn Money

Fun and Games

Have fun with your friends, sports icons, celebrities and other users by engaging them in various forms of competitions, challenges and stunts.

Content Monetization & Video NFTs

Make money and earn $DRE as well as other crypto currencies by participating in various competitions, from uploading contents, tipping from voting, leaderboards, prize pool accumulations as well selling your most creative and daring contents as NFTs

Passive Income from Staking

Stake your Dare token, BNB, USDT and other currencies and earn passive income from completed dares and reward systems through platform commission redistribution and price pool interests.

Easy and Efficient Cash out

Easily Cash out rewards and funds to fiat or other wallets with the help of our 3rd party payments systems

Our focus is to give our users the best experience

An ecosystem where users create and accept daring stunts, participate in competitions, sports and gaming contests, challenge each other transparently through smart contracts and community


Decentralized oracle system where anyone can bet and challenge participants with an aim of winning tokens for every successful prediction.

3x Experience

Aimed at onboarding and introducing a lot of young talents and content creators to the world of blockchain and crypto currencies

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Manage your challenge profile, wallet and contents


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