DareToken is a community centered and transparent competition and content based platform.

Online contents, competitions, gaming and viral video challenges stand as our bedrock to create and onboard new users to crypto whiles engaging old ones



An ever growing industry with endless possibilities

DareToken is a revolutionary content and challenge based project aimed at driving participation in challenges, sports, stunts and online competitions. We are not trying to create an entire blockchain or another bitcoin. We simply want to bridge the gap between the world and blockchain technology by creating a tool for mass adoption whiles ensuring users without any technical know-how still interact with the world of cryptocurrencies.

We aim at providing a platform for each participant to launch and accept challenges, host online competitions, provide video footage of challenges completed, get ratings and money based on results and community voting systems. Online competitions and viral video challenges stands as the bedrock to create and onboard new users.

At DareToken, we offer users of our mobile and web platforms the ability to take/make challenges, upload contents and earn money.

Users can also stake $DARE, $USDT and $BNB (other coins to be added later) in the ecosystem and receive rewards from completed challenges and pool rewards.

Buy $DARE tokens and other crypto for challenges as well as cash out using the simplest processes possible with fiat and card payments.

Stay tuned & informed